ms Marco Polo Position

CMV ms Marco Polo cruise ship position provided by ship tracker. I highly recommend you this AIS tracking website as a Marco Polo cruise ship tracker where on their “marine ships map” you’ll see where is the ms Marco Polo ship right now and where is it headed to.

“Browsing” our Marco Polo cruise ship tracker may result in loosing the ship’s current location. It’s a glitch because we use only a few from all the tracking website’s options. If it happens – simply reload the page! You can follow this link for the current (officially announced) ms Marco Polo cruise schedule with prices on all departures.

ms Marco Polo cruise ship current position

See here  where is ms Marco Polo ship today/now

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How does the VesselFinder AIS cruise ship tracking work?

ms Marco Polo cruise ship position tracker for its current location at sea

First of all, our site and you, we all get the ms Marco Polo current position at sea from the VesselFinder ship tracker for absolutely free. Their marine vessel tracking website has a dedicated server doing this job. VesselFinder offers a global AIS ship tracking service by displaying real time AIS data on all types of marine vessels. The ships’ current location is being detected by our world’s global AIS network. Some of the VesselFinder’s best features are its huge ship and port database, an enormous photo gallery with (often numerous) pictures on more than 60,000 marine ships. Their website also has a news section, and their news are added on a daily basis.

The ms Marco Polo ship location here (and there) is a direct result of their AIS tracking software. All cruise ships are fitted with an AIS transponder (AIS is an abbreviation for “Automatic Identification System”). The AIS (basically, it’s a GPS for ships) broadcasts at regular intervals the ship’s name, position, speed and itinerary (direction and call ports), plus other specific marine data. The AIS/GPS equipment transmits via a VHF radio antenna and this data is received by AIS transponders. These transponders are installed mainly on land, but also on other marine vessels as well.

Any Marco Polo cruise ship tracker will need these details!

To know which ship is which, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) gives to each of them unique numbers. These numbers are:

  • IMO number (7 digits)
  • MMSI number (9 digits) – MMSI stands for “Maritime Mobile Service Identity”)
  • and a call sign (an unique designation for a transmitting ship).

So, the way AIS ship tracking works is this. The ms Marco Polo ship’s AIS/GPS equipment transmits, at least one transponder receives its data, process and share it via Internet. The ship tracker website has its own dedicated server which receives, process and displays the info you are looking for on your computer or iPhone, or iPad, or whatever device you have with a display and Internet. Occasionally, when ships change their owner/operator they also change their MMSI number. What is never changed is the IMO number – it’s their most special number which dies only when the ship dies.

The numbers needed for the ms Marco Polo cruise ship position are:

  • IMO number: 6417097
  • MMSI number: 308693000
  • Call Sign: C6JZ7.

I know for sure you’l like very much our MS Marco Polo cruise ship position tracker by VesselFinder! Their tracker is one of the world’s top 3 and the second by popularity ship tracking servers. And it’s one really well attended business, I might add. It’s real-rime AIS position, it’s absolutely user-friendly, very reliable (great support), and it’s free! I’m a big fan! Best luck with prices and only happy memories from your always special ms Marco Polo cruises!