ms Marco Polo Deck Plans

This is our ms Marco Polo deck plan review. See what is located where, and plan better your onboard fun activities by knowing all there is on the Marco Polo cruise ship deck plans of all passenger decks. MS Marco Polo ship is currently operated under charter by Cruise & Maritime Voyages. For more information follow these links for the complete Marco Polo cruise schedule, and the Marco Polo cruise ship review with a top of photos of facilities, venues and cabins.

Our review of ms Marco Polo deck plans will show you all the ship’s cabins location, along with all facilities and public rooms – bars, lounges, restaurants, pools, etc. You can also check the following link redirecting to the ship’s dedicated article at Wikipedia.

Marco Polo cruise ship deck plans

If you need to print them or use them on the ship via some electronic gadget (tablet, smart phone, laptop, etc), here you can download the ms Marco Polo deck plans PDF. This link opens in a new window, where you can save it as a file using right mouse button and the “save as” command. Another method is to click right mouse button on the deck plan pdf-link here and choose “save link as”.

Marco Polo deck plan

On this page, the Marco Polo deck plan is presented as thumbnailed images. Each of them opens in the same window. You can zoom in for better viewing (click “Back” to return to the main page).

There are 11 decks on mv Marco Polo cruise ship, with 8 of them passenger accessible. The remaining 4 decks are often called “hull decks” (located below waterline). There are located all the cruise ship crew cabins, storage areas, engines, etc.

MS Marco Polo cruise ship facilities summary:

  • a total of 425 staterooms, 70% of them with an ocean view
  • 1 swimming pool, 3 whirlpools, ship around promenade
  • 3 restaurants, 5 lounge areas, 4 lifts, 10 lifeboats
  • Spa / Wellness & Fitness Centre (with sauna, hair salon, massage rooms).

Marco Polo cabins categories

ms Marco Polo cabins categories
This is the deck plan legend to show you additional details on Marco Polo ship cabins (as category) by color. Soon we will add a detailed review of all staterooms as to sizes, amenities, etc, with photos.

MS Marco Polo Deck Plans of Decks 4, 5, 6 and 7 (cabins)

Deck Plan of “Caribic” Deck 4

ms-Marco-Polo-Deck-4-planThe “Caribic” Deck 4 plan shows the location of the following staterooms:

  • 2 Single (cat 5)
  • 4 Standard Twin (cat 7)
  • 12 Standard Twin (cat 6)
  • 8 Standard Plus Twin (cat 8)
  • 4 Standard Plus Twin Inner (cat 2)
  • and 4 Standard Twin Inner (cat 1).

Deck Plan of “Baltic” Deck 5

ms-Marco-Polo-Deck-5-planThe “Baltic” Deck 5 plan shows the following rooms:

  • 11 Standard Plus Twin (cat 8)
  • the ship’s Medical Centre
  • 16 Standard Twin (cat 7)
  • 20 Standard Twin (cat 6)
  • 9 Standard Plus Twin Inner (cat 1)
  • 12 Standard Twin Inner (cat 1).

Deck Plan of “Atlantic” Deck 6

ms-Marco-Polo-Deck-6-planThe “Atlantic” Deck 6 plan shows the “Waldorf Restaurant”, plus:

  • 32 Standard Plus Twin (cat 8) rooms
  • 12 Standard Twin (cat 7) rooms
  • 16 Standard Plus Twin Inner (cat 2) rooms.
  • “Waldorf” is a 2-seating dinner restaurant (6 pm & 8:30 pm), and with open seating for breakfast/lunch. Waldorf” is one of the two main dining rooms on board. This dining venue requires formal dress code.

Deck Plan of “Pacific” Deck 7

ms-Marco-Polo-Deck-7-planThe “Pacific” Deck 7 plan shows rooms in different colors. Here are located upper category staterooms in the following categories:

  • 2 Junior Suites (cat JS)
  • 2 De Luxe (cat DL) suites
  • 38 Superior Plus Twin (cat 11)
  • 40 Premium Twin (cat 12)
  • 46 Superior Twin Inner (cat 3)
  • and 22 Premium Twin Inner (cat 4).

Marco Polo Deck Plan of “Magellan” Deck 8

ms-Marco-Polo-Deck-8-planThe Marco Polo ship Deck 8 is named “Magellan”. This is the “entertainment deck” where all the venues for “fun ship activities” are located. Their list starts with the “Marco Polo Show Lounge”.

  • The “Marco Polo Lounge” (located at the bow of the ship) serves as a movie theatre, but mostly for live evening show productions. Here you can enjoy performances by young singers and dancers, with a live band for the shows.
  • “Captain’s Club” is a stylish club venue with a resident pianist. This is your place most to enjoy your pre-dinner cocktail.
  • Reception Desk, Cruise Tour Office, Main Lobby.
  • Boutique Shops
  • “Palm Garden” has its stunning panoramic oceanviews
  • “Columbus Lounge” serves as classy bar and alternative dining venue.
  • “Nansen Card Room” and the “Livingston Library” are also here.
  • “Marco’s Restaurant” is the ship’s second main dining room with 2 buffet lines. This dining venue is casual as dress code for breakfast and lunch, but, just like at “Waldorf”, dinners are always with formal code.
  • “Marco’s Bistro” (now renamed to Marco’s Restaurant) is a relatively small dining room located aft by the swimming pool. This venue is most visited at breakfast and lunch.
  • The Swimming Pool area has loungers, tables and chairs, and an open bar.

Marco Polo Deck Plans of Decks 9, 10 and 11 (cabins)

Deck Plan of “Amundsen” Deck 9

ms-Marco-Polo-Deck-9-planThe “Amundsen Deck” is predominantly for cabins (again in the deluxe categories), but also has the famous “Scotts Bar” (located forward on the ship) and the walk around promenade. So the summary for this deck is:

  • 6 Superior Plus Twin (cat 11) rooms
  • 2 Premium Twin (cat 12) rooms
  • 2 (Wheelchair) Premium Twin Inner (cat 4) rooms
  • 6 Superior Twin Inner (cat 3) rooms
  • 8 Standard Single Oceanview (cat 10) rooms
  • 34 Superior Twin (cat 9) rooms.
  • The ship-round promenade is perfect for your jogging  exercise and romantic evening strolls.
  • The “Scott’s Bar” is very cozy (located aft). It has a small stage for easygoing entertainment.

Deck Plan of “Columbus” Deck 10

ms-Marco-Polo-Deck-10-planThe “Columbus Deck” features the ship’s spa, and also:

  • 3 Premium Twin (cat 12) oceanview rooms
  • 2 (larger) Deluxe Suites (cat DS), named “Mandarin” and “Dynasty”
  • 1 Superior Twin Inner (cat 3)
  • 3 Standard Single Inner (cat 5)
  • and 14 Superior Twin (cat 9) rooms.
  • On this deck are also positioned the ship’s 10 lifeboats and the “Internet Cafe”.
  • The Marco Polo ship’s Spa Complex is also located here (aft location). It has a “Beauty Salon”, sauna,  several massage/treatment rooms. All these facilities are relatively smaller in size compared to those on newer and bigger ships.

Deck Plan of “Navigator” Deck 11

ms-Marco-Polo-Deck-11-planThe “Navigator Deck” is the ship’s top deck. Its aft section features a spacious deck area with 3 big Jacuzzis and numerous loungers. It also has high-category cabins in the following categories:

  • 6 Deluxe Twin (cat DL) Oceanviews
  • 2 Junior Suites (cat JS)
  • and 18 Premium Twin (cat 12) Oceanview cabins.
  • 3 of all 4 elevators have access to this top deck.

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